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A new era of watch ownership

Iconic Watches Meet Berlin's Heartbeat: Explore Bucherer's Expert-Verified Collection & Helen McClafferty's Artistic Tribute
Bucherer's Certified Pre-Owned collection invites you to a world of iconic, expert-verified watches. Helen McClafferty's mural artfully merges Berlin's spirit with the essence of Bucherer, capturing both the city's heartbeat and the brand's legacy.

The mural vibrantly reflects Berliners' passion, creativity, and love for their city. Nature's charm and urban magic surround the central figure in the artwork. In an industrial setting, hummingbirds symbolise the watchmaker's tools, meticulously shaping a watch for its future owner. Bees and birds, representing beauty and tenacity, mirror the watch's essence and Berlin's lively spirit. The canvas also features iconic Berlin landmarks in the background, contrasting with the German cornflowers that spontaneously spread across the building's facade.

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Berlin and Bucherer: Artistic Intersections

In creating the mural, the artist - Helen McClafferty - channelled the energy and passion of Berlin's residents, drawn to their deep connection and love for their city. Intending to offer a counterpoint to Berlin's industrial setting, she infused the piece with a vibrant touch. Every aspect of the mural speaks to Bucherer's identity and resonates with the heart and soul of Berlin.

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The Artist

Helen McClafferty is an award-winning fashion illustrator and designer from the North East of England. She graduated with a first-class degree in fashion design, specialising in elaborate pattern cutting and detailed illustrated prints. Over the years, Helen has collaborated with various universities, publications, and fellow designers, showcasing her skills in hand-drawn fashion portraits and an eclectic mix of traditional and digital mediums.