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Throughout its 225-year-long history, Girard-Perregaux has always defined the limits of watchmaking while at the same time honoring the teachings of the watchmaking tradition and bringing a high degree of sophistication to the finishes of its timepieces.

Laureato Absolute Light, Ref. 81071-43-431-FC6A.

Girard-Perregaux x Bucherer BLUE - REIMAGINE THE EXCEPTIONAL

Bucherer BLUE meets Girard-Perregaux for the first time in a collaboration of exquisite craftsmanship. Exclusive design features include an octagonal blue PVD mainplate and an innovative rubber alloy strap, as both brands’ aesthetic codes are artfully combined. The movement of the mechanism is executed so beautifully it stands alone to become the face of the watch. An exquisite timepiece with a transparent case, the Laureato Absolute Light Bucherer BLUE is more than an icon – it is exceptional, presented in an exclusive sapphire box and limited to 18 pieces.

Laureato x Aston Martin

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Ref. 39800-32-001-32A.

The birth of the Casquette

In 1976, Girard-Perregaux unveiled the Casquette, a cutting-edge timepiece endowed with a tubular LED display. Powered by a quartz movement, tapping into the horological zeitgeist of the 70s, the watch looked very different from the traditional two-handers of the time. Interestingly, Girard-Perregaux, the Manufacture founded in 1791, was at the vanguard of quartz timekeeping. Indeed, the frequency of 32,768 Hz was set by the Maison and subsequently adopted as the universal standard for quartz watches. This ground-breaking watch was not officially called the ‘Casquette’. Instead, the watch was marketed using a reference number. However, watch collectors began to affectionately nickname the watch ‘Casquette’, a soubriquet which has remained part of horological parlance. The original displayed the hours, minutes, seconds, day and date with its quartz movement delivering a high degree of precision. Moreover, while many rival firms merely swapped a conventional display for a circular panel featuring a series of LEDs, Girard-Perregaux looked at the Casquette’s design with a fresh set of eyes. The tubular LED display was not only functional, its appearance sidestepped convention, contributing to its avant-garde styling. Indeed, at the time, the watch was likened to a 70s muscle car with its LEDs resembling taillights. Throughout its history, the Maison has repeatedly shown its design expertise. When designing a watch, the brand views each element not only in isolation, but also as part of a cohesive whole. Back in the 70s, the brand embraced the idea of equipping watches with integrated bracelets. Moreover, the company has always shown a predilection for different case shapes while paying due consideration to ergonomics, practicality, and readability. The Casquette was produced from 1976-1978 and offered in three case variants, Makrolon® (polycarbonate), yellow gold plate and, lastly, steel. Over subsequent years, the Casquette has become much sought-after by watch collectors and fashionistas alike. Its ‘retro futuristic’ design language continues to proffer much appeal which has never waned.

Ref.: 81015-11-001-11A.


In 2016, the Laureato made a comeback onto the watchmaking scene, in the form of a limited edition in tribute to Girard-Perregaux’s 225th Anniversary. Following this highly successful edition, Girard-Perregaux is putting the Laureato in its rightful place: that of a contemporary watch combining a progressive, unique design with a feeling for detail, excellent timing capacity and perfect taste. These attributes are those belonging to a truly iconic watch, which finds its way through time with effortless ease.


Ref. 82000-11-631-FA6A.


A futuristic extrapolation of a 19th century movement architecture now considered to be the historical signature of the Manufacture Girard-Perregaux, the Neo-Bridges automatic titanium watch heralds a construction approach aimed at bringing a dramatic theatrical touch to tomorrow’s mechanical horology.

Fundamentally retro-futurist in terms of its aesthetic approach, the Neo-Bridges automatic titanium adopts a certain vision of forward-looking horology, while remaining entirely in harmony with the history of the brand founded in 1791.


Ref.: 80484D11A701-HK7A.


As a pioneer in the integration of a mechanical movement in its women time-keepers, Girard-Perregaux continues to bring to light its secular savoir-faire by revealing its latest creation with the Cat’s Eye Majestic. Since its creation in 2004, the Cat’s Eyes collection has won numerous prizes including the highly coveted «Watch of the year». 

Carrying on its tradition of innovation and its tribute to fine horology, Girard-Perregaux revisits the iconic shape of the Cat’s Eye for a more audacious and dignified interpretation. The emblematic collection available in a very identifiable oval horizontal shape or an oval vertical case to embrace the famous Tourbillon with Gold Bridge, offers this year a new facet, even more contemporary with its new vertical, oval shape, set with diamonds.

Purposely feminine, its polished case, set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds, sparkles around a mother-of-pearl dial. The dial features a delicate sun-ray decoration for the pink gold version or an artistic guilloché dial for the steel and bicolor (steel and pink gold) versions, emphasizing the harmony of the vertical oval. The refined « leaf-shaped » hands indicate the passing of time on two styles of indexes; gold roman numerals (at 6 and 12 hours for the bicolor in steel and pink gold) and diamonds. The generous and harmonious dimensions of the line proudly assert its contemporary character with a 34.72 x 40.00 mm case and an 11.60 mm thickness.

The Cat’s Eye Majestic, with its strong identity and its high horological expertise, is available with a pink gold, bicolor or stainless steel case. As it can be worn with a black alligator strap, stainless steel, bicolor (pink gold and steel) or pink gold bracelet, there is a style to suit every occasion.

About Girard-Perregaux

Founded in 1791, Girard-Perregaux is one of the oldest fine watchmaking manufactures still in operation and is appreciated by those in the know. Indeed, the firm’s history is dotted with exceptional creations that skilfully blend aesthetics and functionality. These models include the iconic Laureato, born in 1975, as well as the legendary Tourbillon ‘With Three Gold Bridges,’ a watch that made the invisible visible, transforming bridges from just a technical element to an integral part of the timepiece - a first in watchmaking. Girard-Perregaux’s place at the vanguard of horological innovation is confirmed by over one hundred recorded patents together with numerous prizes and distinctions. It remains one of the few watchmakers to retain Manufacture status for over two centuries by mastering all the required horological skills in-house and making watches infused with a notable degree of authenticity. While Girard-Perregaux respects its heritage, it continues to look ahead, embracing new technologies, state of the art materials, and fresh takes on iconic shapes.