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Hublot was the first luxury watch brand to combine gold and natural rubber, following the creative concept of “The Art of Fusion”, Hublot elements from nature that would never coexist in their natural state. A true revolution in the watch industry.


The Art of Fusion

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Big Bang in the watch industry

The first “Big Bang” Hublot chronograph was presented in 2005. The collection masterfully embodies the Fusion concept, the combination of different materials. The Big Bang chronograph has been available in various sizes and materials over the years, as well as with various enhancements, such as minute repeaters, tourbillons, etc.

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Classic Fusion: Timeless elegance

Hublot’s history began in 1980 with the Classic Fusion, a combination of gold and rubber. It is the unmistakable porthole design that gave rise to the brand name. The Classic Fusion collection features a chic, sporty look, a slender profile and a timeless elegance that has its origins in traditional watchmaking craftsmanship.

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Spirit of Big Bang: Big Bang with tonneau case

The Spirit of Big Bang brings the Big Bang to life in a tonneau case. Without a doubt, the watch more than lives up to the name Spirit of Big Bang. The chronograph has the typical Big Bang design features such as the six H-shaped titanium screws on the bezel.

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Masterpieces: Innovation and watchmaking craftsmanship

“More watchmaking, more skill, more innovation, more boldness, more fusion!” This was the encouraging message that Chairman Jean-Claude Biver and CEO Ricardo Guadalupe gave to the new Complications department, which was created in 2010 to support Hublot’s Production department. With the Grandes Complications collection, we step into the world of the extraordinary. World record with the MP-05 LaFerrari (power reserve of 50 days), a world first with the Key of Time, etc. – the collection of exceptional timepieces expertly illustrates how traditional watchmaking can be combined with the technologies of the future through the art of fusion.

The Art of Fusion: The philosophy of Hublot

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Hublot was the first luxury watch brand to combine gold and natural rubber. By combining elements from nature that would never coexist in their natural state, Hublot became – and remains to this day – a true alchemist of the modern age. Hublot links the past with the future, yesterday with today and tradition with innovation. This creative concept was dubbed “The Art of Fusion”, triggering a true revolution in the watch industry. “The Art of Fusion” has since become the defining philosophy and still serves as the basis for all actions, innovations, developments and partnerships.

Extraordinary material combinations

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Hublot continues its “The Art of Fusion”, combining materials such as King Gold (a Hublot exclusive gold with 5% platinum content), Hublonium (an unprecedented alloy of aluminium and magnesium), sapphire, gold crystal, coloured ceramics, carbon fibre, tungsten, titanium, gold, platinum, rubber, gemstones, linen, embroidery, leather, Texalium, etc. With its own foundry and a dedicated Fusion team, the Metallurgy and Materials department, Hublot can also produce the famous scratch-resistant 18K Magic Gold in-house.

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Hublot Heritage

Hublot was founded in Switzerland in 1980. Since then, the original design of the timepieces – the case of the first watch is inspired by the porthole of a ship, or hublot in French – and their wearing comfort have made them extremely sought-after in no time at all. Hublot has been part of the LVMH Group since 2008.