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L'Epée 1839

When know-how becomes art
Discover L’Epée 1839’s avant-garde creations intended to shock evoke and inspire. L’Epée 1839 is the only manufacture in Switzerland to specialize in the creation of high-end clocks entirely designed and produced in-house. Kinetic pieces of Art embedding a subtle mix of “form and function”, playful interactivity, as well as superlative finishes, have become a signature of the Maison.


Kinetic Art Sculptures blending art and design.

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Time Fast D8 74.6004/184.


When 1950’s race cars meet Swiss watchmaking.

This vintage formula 1 inspired race car and a modern clock in one is a kinetic sculpture that tells the time.

The engine consists of a tiered movement with an 8-day power reserve that was entirely developed to hug the curves of the bodywork.

In the cockpit, the car’s steering wheel has been specially engineered to adjust the time.

The mechanical movement's barrel is wound by moving the wheels in reverse like a pullback car, to provide the racing machine with the power it requires to remain fully functional.

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Time Flies 74,6006/114.

Time Flies

Time Flies pays tribute to the conquest of the skies and one of the most brilliant inventions ever made: the airplane. Aviation made its mark on the last century, motivating adventurers to go ever higher and ever further, and it changed traveling forever. The plane captured the collective imagination, and there have been many stories of heroic aircraft journeys.

The movement, built specifically for TIME FLIES, allows the escapement, which regulates precision, to be displayed in the cockpit.

For a truly sensational display, L’Epée 1839 has developed a mounting stand on which TIME FLIES can be admired taking-off. On its stand TIME FLIES is as elegant placed on your desk as on its pedestal in a library.

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Time Machine 74.6001/204.

Time Machine

In an era when scientific minds continue to ponder the question of whether time travels in one direction only, L’Epée 1839 takes advantage of the present to take off and explore the future. Time Machine is a mobile and truly dynamic scientific instrument that offers some subtle nods to the worlds of industry and cinema, while shining a light on mechanical clockmaking.

The entire upper part revolves. A single press sets the entire time capsule – the glass tube, the carriage, the time display, and the whole mechanical movement – rotating and transporting you through time. The two propellers at either end of the carriage are also mobile: the first winds the movement, while the second adjusts the time.

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Unique Piece.


Inspired from the true Bisley Pistol, which became a symbol of freedom and revolution for many, this timeless masterpiece sublimes the irony of time.

Pistol wonderfully beautifies the time through a seductive design and by means of a fascinating technical development.

This kinetic piece of art, does more than just telling the time: Its owner can interact and play with it.

The Pistol’s movement is set via the cannon – as the owner cleans their gun each week. Pistol has a functional hammer and trigger, mixing form and function.

Each Pistol created is unique by its different grip, frame and barrel options.

“The Manufacture is gathering under one roof a broad range of “métiers” and craftsmen. Talented team of designers, engineers, mechanics and watchmakers are working together to continue L’Epée 1839’s quest of perfection and its engagement to surprise with incredible creations.”
Arnaud Nicolas, CEO


Founded in 1839 by Auguste L’Epée, the company originally focused on watchmaking components, such as escapements. Even at this early stage, the brand was synonymous with entirely hand-made pieces. During the 20th century, around the world, L’Epée 1839 owed much of its reputation to its superlative carriage clocks and, for many, L’Epée 1839 was the clock of the influential and powerful, providing business leaders, governments and royal courts.

Throughout its history, the Manufacture kept a constant quest towards innovation, receiving many awards and breaking industry barriers with records and patents. For instance, through unveiling the largest pendulum in the world or participating in a major aeronautical project, the Concorde, by fitting the first commercial flights of this supersonic airplane with wall clocks. They remain the only clocks ever fitted in a supersonic aircraft used in civil aviation.