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The independent Swiss luxury brand Oris, founded in 1904, produces only mechanical watches in an exclusive design with a good price-performance ratio.

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph Bucherer BLUE features an exciting reinterpreted retro design.


An iconic diver’s watch shines with new splendor: The Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph Bucherer BLUE cuts a stylish figure both under water and on land. The athletic, elegant timepiece combines the retro look of the original diver’s watch from the 1960s with the modern watch technology of the 21st century in a suitably skillful way. Independence, innovation and integrity: these are the values that link the deeply traditional Oris and Bucherer brands. The two have worked closely together to create an elegant masterpiece that marries vintage charm with the utmost watchmaking craftsmanship. Exclusively for the Bucherer BLUE collection, for the first time, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph features a timeless stainless-steel case and deep blue hues.

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Ref. 400 7778 7158 7 20 01 TLC.

ProPilot X Calibre 400

Inspired by our rich aviation heritage, and the joy of mechanics: meet the ProPilot X Calibre 400. Inside its 39mm titanium case is our highly anti-magnetic, five-day, in-house automatic. It comes with a 10-year warranty. A new icon.

Wristwatch Oris Big Crown, Ref. 754.7741.3167-5.20.58BR


On its 80th anniversary, the iconic Oris Big Crown returns. Made by makers for makers, the new generation brings Oris’s ageless design right up to date with contemporary colours and materials The Oris Big Crown. A pilot’s watch. A design classic. A hero. An icon in watchmaking. This year, Oris’s signature design returns, 80 years on from its 1938 launch. Oris’s designers have faithfully updated it, retaining key design features such as the coin-edged bezel, the pointer date and, of course, its oversized crown.

But it’s no replica. It may be grounded in the past, but it’s driven by the future and by a passion for making and for reinterpreting timeless values for our times and those to come. We found that same passion at Lot Sixty One, the Amsterdam coffee roasting house. The new models have been updated for a generation of makers, while staying true to Oris’s watchmaking tradition. The case shape at the heart of the new collection is slimmer. Fresh dial colours inspired by Le Corbusier give it a stylish look. A suite of straps and bracelets offer versatility.

The option of a bronze case adds an artisanal feel. And now it’s available with either a 40mm or 36mm case to cater for a wider audience. Introducing the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date – a design icon for yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Wristwatch Oris Divers Sixty-Five, 36mm, steel, leather strap, automatic Cal. SW 200-1, sapphire-crystal, 10 atm/screw-down crown, Ref.:733.7747.4354-5.17.45.


Oris has dived back in time and is delighted to present the Oris Divers Sixty-Five – a revival of an iconic diver’s watch that first appeared in the Oris collection 50 years ago. The new Oris Divers Sixty-Five shares the retro looks of the 1960s original, but it’s been modernised using 21st century watchmaking techniques. The case is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel. The vintage-inspired bubble-curved glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and comes with anti-reflective coating on the inside to reduce glare and increase legibility underwater.

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Oris Aquis, 43.50 mm, 1.713 inches, Stainless steel, Ref.: 01 400 7763 4135-07 8 24 09PEB


Oris’s long diver’s watch tradition continues this summer with the launch of a new addition to the Aquis collection. The Oris Aquis Small Second, Date plunges into the deep with a striking combination of sea-worthy colours and materials. The Aquis’s diving credentials are well known, but with its shimmering sunray blue dial, this model also becomes a watch that moves effortlessly from beach to bar.

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Oris Portrait Oris Management Rolf Studer, Co-CEO Claudine Gertiser, Co-CEO Ulrich W. Herzog, Chairman

“Oris is an independent company, which means its values are in safe hands. It also means we’re efficient and free to innovate and explore useful functions and features that our customers want and need.”
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Oris may be grounded in the past, but today, from its home in Switzerland’s Waldenburg Valley, the independent company is still pushing boundaries

How many Swiss watch companies remain independent? In a time of private equity buyouts and big group practices, Oris cuts a different figure. The company has been independent since the early 1980s, and today is free to go its own way.

That means high-quality mechanical watches. It’s almost 30 years since Oris made a quartz watch – now it’s one of very few watch companies that only makes mechanical watches. It uses its independence to create stylish, inventive, authentic, beautifully designed watches. People who choose Oris appreciate quality and origin, and trust traditional values passed down to them through generations of craftsmen and women.

The story began in 1904 when two watchmakers registered a watch concern in the village of Hölstein, deep in the rolling hills of the Waldenburg Valley. From the outset, their vision was to produce high-quality watches that were accessible to successful, professional people who valued excellence over excess.

Through the decades, Oris has introduced dozens of landmark designs and milestone mechanical innovations. Today, under the headship of Oris Chairman Ulrich W. Herzog, the company continues to trust the philosophy passed down through the generations, upholding the standards of Swiss watchmaking, and doing what it thinks is right. Some 114 years into its story, Oris is still going its own way, led by brilliant designers, craftsmen and makers.