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20 years of Pastello

A brilliant history
Pastel sapphires were long overlooked, until Bucherer Fine Jewellery brought them to life with the Pastello collection. Inspired by the perfection of nature, the collection is celebrating its 20-year anniversary with an even wider variety of colours.

Savoir-faire from Lucerne

A collection inspired by nature
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Wrought by master craftsmen

The first Pastello collection was all about sleek design. Geometric shapes combined with soft, round settings highlighted the strikingly coloured gemstones. The ornate diamond-encrusted pieces of jewellery were reminiscent of modern Art Deco. Every exquisite piece of Pastello jewellery is sophisticated and one of a kind.

Expression of natural vivacity

Sparkling sapphire in pastel tones
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Understatement meets expressive eloquence

Sapphires are often pictured as deep blue gemstones. Yet it was rare pastel sapphires that inspired Bucherer Fine Jewellery to bring the colour variety of these gems into the spotlight. The tones and contrasts of these sapphires lend the Pastello collection its name. The delicate colours stand for elegant understatement, delicate combinations and natural beauty.

The new Pastello line

An ode to the lightness of summer
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Pastello resplendent in blue

A sparkling surprise awaits in the shape of the shimmering blue pieces of the Pastello collection. The jewellery in vivacious blue tones not only corresponds perfectly with the existing collection, but also radiates a unique brilliance when worn individually. Fresh as an ocean breeze, the bracelets, earrings, and necklaces with pastel blue sapphires in white gold prolong the summer in the loveliest possible way.