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TISSOT: Premium men’s and ladies’ watches whatever your style

The plus sign in the Tissot logo is a symbol of Swiss quality and reliability – values that Tissot has been known for since 1853. Tissot watches are sold in over 160 countries and are both authentic and affordable. In addition, they boast unique materials, advanced functionalities and sophisticated design. Tissot men’s watches, with their impressive masculine design and technical sophistication, are sought after by both modern men and tradition-conscious watch-lovers. Tissot ladies’ watches combine elegance and style to create a true piece of art. Available in a range of models and materials, these are the perfect watches for every taste and occasion.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Quartz

From first glance to everyday use, the Seastar 1000 Quartz 40mm model communicatesstyle, performance and versatility. Each model is a harmonious marriage of elegance and technology, bringing Swiss watchmaking know how and eternal design together.

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Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar, Ref.: T121.420.47.051.03

Tissot T-Touch: The multifunction watch revolution

The Tissot T-Touch collection embodies a seamless symbiosis of innovation, functionality and Swiss precision. Renowned for their ultra-modern touchscreen functionalities, these watches are setting new standards when it comes to technology and user friendliness. A single tap on the sapphire-glass display grants you access to a multitude of functionalities including an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a thermometer and much more.

The T-Touch collection offers various models that cater for the needs of adventure, sport and technology enthusiasts alike. Whether you choose the robust T-Touch Expert Solar with its environmentally-friendly solar technology or the elegant T-Touch Connect Solar with smartwatch functionalities, Tissot guarantees reliability and precision wherever you go. Watch collectors will also be amazed at what Tissot has to offer, since the brand is well-known for its themed special models such as the unofficial “Schwinger Watch” for the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival. Discover the fascinating world of Tissot T-Touch watches and experience what happens when advanced technology meets timeless design.

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Tissot T-Classic, Ref.:T127.407.11.041.00

Tissot T-Classic: Timeless elegance meets Swiss precision

The Tissot T-Classic collection integrates timeless elegance with the precision of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. These stylish accessories are the perfect watches for both men and women who value traditional design and exceptional quality. From the simple elegance of the Le Locle, to the Chemin des Tourelles – the watch that pays tribute to the birth place of Tissot – and the modern Powermatic 80 with its impressive power reserve, the T-Classic series has a model for everyone. Exquisite materials and premium craftsmanship make these Tissot watches fantastic pieces for any occasion.

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Tissot T-Sport, Ref.: T125.617.33.051.00

Tissot T-Sport: Dynamic performance for sports lovers

The Tissot T-Sport collection embodies energy, momentum and reliability – perfect if you love all things sport and adventure. These robust watches offer a multitude of functionalities including chronographs, diver's watches and tachymeters that meet the highest standards. The Tissot Seastar 1000 and the Tissot PRS 516 are just a couple of the impressive models in this collection which ensure reliable performance in every situation. Motorbike enthusiasts are sure to fall in love with the T-Race special collection and the MotoGP watch. The T-Sport watches are designed using the latest technology and high-quality materials that can withstand even the most extreme conditions.


Tissot T-Lady, Ref.: T050.

Tissot T-Lady: Feminine elegance for modern women

The Tissot T-Lady collection celebrates the beauty and elegance of the modern woman. Each model in this series unites the finest materials with the most sophisticated design to create a stunning piece of jewellery. From the classic Tissot Flamingo to the modern Tissot T-Wave, the T-Lady collection boasts a diverse selection of Tissot watches and has the ideal model no matter what your style. With a wide range of designs, colours and materials, T-Lady watches blend style, quality and precision to satisfy even the most elaborate tastes.


Tissot Heritage, Ref.:T124.427.16.031.00

Tissot Heritage: Classic beauty meets long-standing tradition

The Tissot Heritage collection celebrates the brand’s long tradition and history. With iconic designs such as the Tissot Visodate Automatic and the Tissot Heritage 1948, the collection revives historical moments from the brand’s history and brings these together in modern watches with premium quality and precision. The Heritage watch series is an expression of Tissot’s passionate devotion to watchmaking craftsmanship and provides collectors and those who love timeless designs with unique pieces that reflect the brand’s values and heritage.


Tissot T-Gold, Ref.:T920.407.76.031.00

Tissot T-Gold: Exclusive watches with an exquisite golden charm

The Tissot T-Gold collection is the ultimate embodiment of luxury and elegance. These exclusive Tissot watches are made from the finest gold and offer a unique design that is sure to attract attention. Each T-Gold watch is a feat of watchmaking craftsmanship and is a testimony to the high standards of quality and precision that Tissot sets. The collection includes both modern and classic designs, such as the Tissot T-Gold with rose gold and the Tissot T-Gold Couturier, which set themselves apart thanks to their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. A T-Gold watch is not only an impressive piece of jewellery but also showcases Tissot’s excellent craftsmanship.