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Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watchmaking manufacture in uninterrupted activity for more than 260 years. At no time in its history has it ever stopped creating, enhancing and reinventing itself. Backed by a strong heritage of passing watchmaking excellence and stylistic ingenuity down generations of master craftsmen, the company’s creations embody the exacting standards of Fine Watchmaking. A technical signature and distinctive look.


Overseas perpetual calendar ultra-thin

Pink gold and blue-lacquered offer a perfect combination of casual chic. For the first time, Vacheron Constantin is offering this pleasing association of colours by presenting a new Overseas perpetual calendar with a gold case and bracelet along with a blue dial. A spirited combination that endows this model with a distinctive new personality.

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Ref.: 4300V/120R-B509


The Overseas collection, reinvented in 2016, conveys the spirit of travel. This openness to the world, inherited from François Constantin, has remained at the core of the Maison’s philosophy ever since its founding. Designed in a spirit of casual elegance and comfort enhanced by their interchangeable strap/bracelet system, Overseas timepieces are the perfect daily companions.

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Ref.: 5100t-000r-b623


The Traditionnelle collection is the supreme expression of the most demanding Geneva Haute Horlogerie traditions inherited from the 18th century. Imbued with history and a sense of rigorous discipline, Traditionnelle timepieces showcase technical refinement conveyed through eminently horological characteristics. From the simplest to the most complicated, these models pay tribute to craftsmanship and know-how passed on from generation to generation.

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Ref.: 4010u-000p-b545


Circular perfection, a quest for essentials: the Patrimony collection is the epitome of stylistic pureness. Reflecting a deliberately minimalist approach striking a beautiful balance between taut lines and curves, it asserts its personality through slender cases radiating an elegance inspired by 1950s Vacheron Constantin models.


Ref.: 4400E/000R-B436


A name and a date evoking an iconic model by Vacheron Constantin dating from 1956. This modern, elegant and relaxed collection with its resolutely cosmopolitan style expresses its personality through the contrast between the classic dial and the daring case. The latter is notably inspired by the Maltese cross-shaped emblem of the Maison that is also picked up on the openworked pink gold oscillating weight.

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Ref: 8005F/120A-B497


Égérie is our new collection entirely inspired by and dedicated to women, the coming together of Haute Couture and Haute Horlogerie, two worlds sharing the same passion for excellence and beauty. With such priceless sources of inspiration, Égérie will inspire you to make each moment more precious than the one before.

“Faithfully perpetuating a proud heritage of watchmaking excellence and stylistic sophistication through generations of master artisans.”